Welcome to King of Glory and thank you for taking a moment to get to know us. 

King of Glory is a warm, welcoming neighborhood church. Who, what, and how we connect is very local. As you get to know us, here is what you will discover:


That ALL May Know

The focus at King of Glory is Jesus.  Jesus...the Savior of the world.  Jesus...whose love transforms lives. Jesus...whose forgiveness is real.  Jesus...whose love changes lives. Our focus is on Jesus and all people knowing Him more. 

Connect with Us
King of Glory is about connections and community. We seek to provide a way for you to be connected to God in a deeper way. We strive for you to be connected to other people, to build community, relationships and strong bonds of friendship grounded in faith. 

Grow with Us
King of Glory is about growing. We seek to provide a path for you to know God more deeply. Faith can be difficult. Trust can be a challenge. Believing in God is not always easy. Growing in His love, learning more about Him, and having a place where you can ask questions provides a path for deeper growth in God’s love for you. 

Live with Us
King of Glory is about living our faith. We don’t just talk about how much God loves us, we strive to show how much God loves us. We are a community church. As Jesus loved and served, we strive to do the same. We feed the hungry, we visit the incarcerated, we care for those in need. We do this because we know the love of God and in turn, share that love through service and care to others. 

We are Not Perfect
King of Glory is not the “perfect church.” Whenever a group of people gathers together there are bound to be different opinions and approaches. The truth is we may not even agree on the best pancake house in Williamsburg! Our differences are not the focus at King of Glory. We strive to rise above what may divide people and focus on what unites them: Jesus and His love for all. 

Biblical - Sacramental - Liturgical

God speaks to us through His word the Bible. The Bible contains everything God desires for us to know about Him. It is not always easy to understand. We often wrestle with it. Yet, we believe that the Bible bears witness to Jesus Christ and His love for all. 

In every healthy relationship, there is a means to stay connected. Facetime, social media, and even letters are a means for us to stay close to those we love. Similarly, God has provided a means for us to stay connected to Him. He gives us a physical means to connect to His heavenly love. At King of Glory, Baptism and Holy Communion are the means through which God stays connected with us and us to Him. 

Routines are a staple of our lives. We follow a rhythm to our work week, school week, exercise and throughout the year. We mark the passage of time with holidays and birthdays. Overall routines tend to be welcome in our hectic lives. The same can be said about worship. We follow a routine to help establish a familiarity with worship, knowing that each week we will engage in a similar pattern. This pattern is also designed to flow out from our formal worship into the pattern of our lives.  

A community is only as strong as its people. At King of Glory, everyone is welcome and invited to participate. Children, seniors, adults, men and women all play a role in every aspect of our ministry. 

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