As ministry takes place day by day, and as we look to the future, we are bound together knowing what we value as a body of believers, as a community of faith, and as a mission station striving to share the love of Jesus with ALL people.  This common bond only makes our resolve stronger. As servant leaders who care about the future of this ministry, the Church Council has considered the dreams shared through the various Congregational Clusters, heard from individual members, and therefore developed the following values. 

King of Glory Values: 

  • Being inclusive and welcoming through “multiple points of entry.”

  • Being outwardly focused, a caring Church body.

  • Living Jesus’ commandment to “love thy neighbor.”

  • Embracing experimentation, innovation, and adaptability to our changing community.

  • Believing strong leadership is fundamental to our success.

  • Actively seeking to use each person’s strengths and passions to further the mission of the congregation.

  • Thoughtfully embracing challenges in answering God’s call – We are not afraid of challenges.

  • Seeking to understand and then engage all generations.

  • Acknowledging that our preschool plays a vital role in our mission and vision.

  • Acknowledging the value and role of technology.

  • Recognizing faithful stewardship as essential to Kingdom growth.

  • Recognizing proper physical space as vital to ministries and church life.

  • Embracing that a call has been placed on all to be Disciples of Christ.

Our values are an important aspect of how we live and serve as a community of believers.