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Technology & Media


Using the gift of technology to reach the world...

...that ALL may know the love of Jesus.

Technology is an integral part of King of Glory's mission to Connect to God and His people - Grow in faith and love -and- Live through service and sharing 

...that ALL know the love of Jesus.  


You'll find a few of the ministries that you can be a part of at King of Glory using technology to reach the world!

Live Stream Ministry:

King of Glory Williamsburg live streams all Worship services online!  We have three individual Worship spaces that are covered by this ministry.  Using the latest technology and software, we generate a live video production of each Worship service as it happens.  With remote controlled cameras as well as fixed camera placements and integrated projection feeds, people all around the world are able to participate in Worship services at King of Glory!  Learn how to control remote cameras and produce a live video stream with us!

Liturgy Projection:

Projection has become not only a normal part of worship in many venues at King of Glory, but also provides an earth-friendly alternative to printing hundreds of pages of bulletins for each worship service.  Our projection assistants control the flow of worship through advancing the presentation software through each service and enhancing the experience for everyone. Join us in learning how to control the projection either wirelessly in the worship service or in the control room in front of a computer!

YouTube Archive Ministry:

Our newest ministry at King of Glory is related to editing all of the recordings generated through our live streams of Worship services and Bible studies into short YouTube videos!  Anyone can learn and the time commitment can be as little or long as you like.  Contact us for a short training session and we'll set you up to edit when your schedule allows!

Audio Podcast Ministry:

King of Glory audio podcast ministry is related to editing the audio portions of recordings generated through our live streams of Worship service sermons and Bible studies into audio files for download as a podcast.   These recordings are made available free of charge online!  Learn how to separate audio from a video file and edit that audio for use as a podcast!

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