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Sunday Morning Worship Schedule

8:00 AM

9:30 AM

Traditional Worship

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Traditional Lutheran Worship using the Lutheran Service Book Hymnal in our Sanctuary.  

Blended Worship

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A Worship Service with both Piano and Organ in our new facility.  Traditional and Contemporary hymns are used.  The order of worship is projected at this service.  

Contemporary Worship

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Lutheran Worship liturgy that contains songs in a family friendly contemporary format using guitar, keyboards, drums and bass to lead the musical portion of worship.  Held in Founders Hall with tables and chairs for families that like to have space to draw and write during the Worship time.  Parts of the liturgy are examined in greater detail to teach families about why we come to gether and worship the way that we do!

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11:00 AM

Some thoughts on Worship...

It is often said that you don’t have to go to church to worship the Lord.  There is some truth to that statement.   We are called to worship the Lord with all of our hearts, souls and minds and to do that we must worship Him with our lives.
And yet, no one is supposed to be on this journey alone.  Worship connects us to God and through our worship of Him we are also connected to one another.  After all, no matter how much worshipping in the woods alone you do, that doesn't bring you closer to the people of God.  The Bible calls us to gather as a community.  When we do we find that God enriches our hearts, our souls and our minds.
We invite you to worship with as we sing praises to His name, hear the Word, and join together as community. 

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