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Life Group Ministries

Life Group Ministries: Your Community Within the Community
King of Glory is a church of that is committed to the spiritual growth of disciples at King of Glory. It is for this reason that we offer multiple Life Groups. We seek to connect people to one another, encouraging all to grow in faith and love, while living out their faith through service and sharing. 

We have many Life Groups with over 180 people involved. 
We encourage you to take part in a Life Group, your community within the community!
Contact the Director of Community Engagement for more information or to get involved in a Life Group! 

What is a “Life Group”?

A Life Group is a ministry of King of Glory that:

  • is comprised of at least 8 people and no more than 20 people.  

  • agrees to meet together for 1 year (September-Summer “break”).

  • meets at a minimum 1 time per month, as often as weekly. 

  • is structured on the mission of King of Glory: 

    • Connect with God and His people

      • Meets together, centered around God.

    • Grow in faith and love

      • Incorporates Bible Study or another avenue of study which is centered around the development of the life of a disciple of Jesus; 

      • Prays for and with one another;

    • Live through service and sharing

      • Engages in at least 1 act of service or sharing during their year together. 


A Few Options for Life Group Activities

  • Share a meal or snacks together.

  • Leave 2-4 spots “open” in order to take more people in during the year.

  • Feed the homeless through the Winter Shelter.

  • Create “kits” through Lutheran World Relief.

  • Name your Life Group. 


When Do Life Groups Meet?

It depends on the group! Some groups meet twice per month, others meet once per month. Groups meet on weekdays, weekends and weeknights. A typical Life Group meets for 2 hours, including fellowship and connection time and study time.
What Do Life Groups Study?

Most groups choose from a list of available studies which King of Glory provides to the groups. Once in a while, groups are asked to do an all-church study for a certain period of time. In Lent 2020, we’ll all use The Red Letter Challenge as a core for our Life Groups. 


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